We are very grateful to have been able to celebrate our ninth edition of Design Week Mexico with you. Each year, we seek to bring the best of Mexican design to a large and diverse audience, creating an event where architects, designers and artists collaborate to showcase their work in great spaces.


We also feel deeply honored to have hosted Switzerland as our Guest Country and Puebla as our Guest State. We admire them both for their remarkable design culture and unique vision, which we were proud to share throughout Design Week Mexico.


In the aftermaths of the earthquakes of September 7 and 19, we feel even more committed to shedding new light on the crucial role of design and architecture in the rebuilding of our city and our shared future. In 2018, Mexico City will hold the designation as World Design Capital under the theme of Socially Responsible Design. One of the most important reflections of our present is how we reinvent our cities immersed in a continuous state of growth; how we choose to change, from a design perspective; and how we face the notion of expansion and infrastructure to rethink urban growth and resilience.


We believe that through the sharing of ideas, we can encourage building and strengthening an active global community committed to developing better cities.




To our sponsors, supporters and foundations


for investing in this initiative and believing in the importance of exploring the vast creative potential that our country has to offer.


To our cultural and educational institutions


that annually dedicate a space to us in their programs, and host DWM's initiatives throughout the year.


To our local authorities


for their support and logistics to this city-wide event that impacts our community in a positive way and enriches the cultural agenda of our city.


To our media partners


whose coverage allows us each year to spread our ideas and philosophy around initiatives that contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of our society.


To all our participants, creatives, students and volunteers


for their wild enthusiasm and tireless effort to make DWM a central platform to showcase the best of contemporary design that Mexico City has to offer as World Design Capital and a creative hub for Latin America.