Inédito 2023


Participate in the eighth edition of Inédito in Espacio CDMX from October 2023 to February 2024 through the open call for the professional category. Inédito exhibits new proposals for utilitarian design and awards 8 honorable mentions and the Inédito Prize with a value of $80,000 MXN.

Inédito is a catalyst for contemporary design and a representative sample of the current design scene. It is a space where the Mexican community of designers, artisans, workshops, studios and key people in the creative industry can meet, discuss and grow together.

The exhibition shows the work of contemporary designers who explore their fascination with material manifestations and the use of different processes as a creative axis. The exploration between form and function has been a value promoted by Design Week Mexico in its 15 years of foundation.

Each piece poetically manifests the creation of objects that are related to nature and contemporary tradition, promoting manual manufacturing processes in an era of mass and industrial production. The designers materialize their research through contemporary techniques or meticulously re-materializing the vernacular and craft heritage.

The motivation behind each studio shows its connection to the past and its contemporaneity in new settings, where designers, artisans, workshops, students, and key industry players can meet, dialogue, and grow together by presenting their selected pieces to the public at our call. open.


The jury of the participation process and Inédito award, made up of prominent members of the national and international community, will use the following evaluation criteria, which in turn are honorable mentions:


Original use of cutting-edge technologies and application of theories.


New uses of traditional materials or development of new production techniques directly applied in the production of the piece.


Linking with artisanal production communities.


Use of sustainable processes and materials in manufacturing.


Ergonomics, benefit, simplicity and feasibility of the piece.


Effective application of theoretical principles related to the interaction of the user with the piece or the piece with its environment.


Conceptual and thematic development of the appearance and style of the proposal.


Approach or ideation that proposes a piece through creativity, discourse and narrative.

Selected proposals will be notified via email. Attached in the same email you can find the regulations and participation manual of Inédito 2023


To register your project it is not necessary that it be finished, you can register with a sketch, render, conceptual or reference image keeping in mind that it should not have been previously commercialized, disseminated or exposed on any platform, exhibition or social network


Those selected will be notified through a confirmation email.

Start of registration
March 21, 2023

Last day of registration
May 14, 2023

Confirmation of selected projects
May 24, 2023

Start DWM 2023
October 2023 *first week of October

Ending of Inédito 2023
February 2024 *third week of February


In case of being selected, attached to the confirmation email you will receive access to our online payment system, you can select the payment of your preference:

Debit or credit card 

Electronic transfer or cash payment

Participation fee: $12,000.00 mxn + VAT