About us

Photograph by Jess Kraft

México Territorio Creativo

México Territorio Creativo (MXTC) is a Mexican non-governmental and non-profit organization that brings together and promotes creative production through a local and international network. MXTC promotes the work of contemporary creators and their intersection with different disciplines, such as architects, designers, artists and artisans, celebrating all facets of the creative process.

Our Mission

Share and empower socially responsible design as an agent of economic, social and cultural change that improves the quality of life by promoting innovation and healthy competition.

Our Platforms

Diseño Contenido 2019 | Lincoln Park

Design Week Mexico

Since 2009, Design Week Mexico has been an organization that promotes and contributes to the local design scene. Every year through its programming, it encourages analysis and reflection on local challenges with global relevance from the design perspective.

Parteluz, MATERIA | Pabellón DW 2017

Arch Days CDMX

Arch Days CDMX is a platform that seeks to promote architecture as a tool to create better spaces, communities and cities. The program includes exhibitions, conferences, pavilions and interventions in public spaces. Promoting the connections of design with architecture, promoting sustainability, education, culture and innovation.

Espacio CDMX Arquitectura y Diseño

Espacio CDMX

Espacio CDMX Arquitectura y Diseño, formerly the "Trenecito de Chapultepec" workshop, is a regenerated space by MXTC and C Cúbica Arquitectos in 2018 within the framework of World Design Capital (WDC) CDMX 2018. The 1964 building is attributed to architect Félix Candela for its architectural characteristics.

As part of the process of physical and symbolic recovery of the space (including the generation of a new vocation), exhibitions, conferences, workshops and activations have been presented. Such as projects by students, designers, architects and cultural production collectives around design.

Carbon Neutral

Currently, one of the most important challenges we face is climate change. At DWM we believe that design and creative production have the potential to create new ways of relating to our environment, promoting creativity and design as values that contribute to sustainable, social, economic and cultural development. That is why since our 2019 edition we have made an important environmental commitment by becoming the first design event in Latin America to be carbon neutral. We have a sustainability plan that allows us to reduce our environmental impact and in turn, offset the emissions that will be generated from the activities derived from the organization of the event.

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Emilio Cabrero
General Director

Andrea Cesarman

Marco Coello

Jaime Hernández

Maria Laura Medina de Salinas
President of the MXTC Council

Carla Sofía Elizundia


Tatiana Alcázar
Institutional Relations

Miguel Alpuche
Coordinador de Imagen Gráfica y Web

Oscar Centeno
Coordinador de Inédito y Espacio CDMX

Diana Guzmán
Coordinadora de Comunicación y Mercadotecnia

Mariel Ramírez
Coordinadora de Dealers de Diseño y Design Market

Christian Reynoso
Public Relations


Sara Uzárraga
Accounting & Finance