México Territorio Creativo presents the programming of Design Week Mexico 2021

The thirteenth edition of Design Week Mexico will take place on October 6-31, 2021

The thirteenth edition of Design Week Mexico (DWM) will take place from October 6-31st under the theme: Design is the answer, with activities of our traditional programming and digital initiatives that we adopted in 2020.

All our activities will meet the international and national guidelines, especially the guides of the government of Mexico City in order to take care of the health of our participants, attendees and all those who make the various activities that make up the 2021 program possible. 

Continuing the biannual invitation, this edition also hosts the United States as Guest Country and Oaxaca as Guest State, having programming and initiatives since 2020 such as the scholarship program of the US Embassy in Mexico, which awarded eight scholarships to young designers in the Inédito and Vision y Tradicion programs, which supported the creation of pieces in these categories and this year will again award participants of the 2021 edition.

Emilio Cabrero, Director de México Territorio Creativo: “Since our first edition in 2009, it has been our vocation to support Mexico’s creative community, highlighting the transformative potential of their work. Faced with the challenges that the health crisis has imposed on our lives, we have revisited our mission with the deep commitment of remaining sensitive to the challenges of the future by maintaining an inclusive and diverse platform. México Territorio Creativo and Design Week México remain committed to the mission of inspiring architects, designers and all enthusiasts who have accompanied us throughout the years from Mexico and around the world.”

Again for 2021, our main exhibitions (Vision and Tradition, Inédito and Design House) will feature virtual tours that aim to oer an alternative in the context we are going through. Also allowing us to expand audiences nationally and internationally. All this is possible thanks to the collaboration of Arte & Cultura del Centro Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego.

We have also expanded our digital oering with a new commercial platform that seeks to expand the market for Mexican design through Design Market with 28 Mexican brands oering more than 173 products.

Explore this new platform at: https://designmarket.mx/

2021 Programming

Inédito 2020, Espacio CDMX


Dates: 14 octubre, 2021 – 13 de febrero, 2022

Location: Museo Espacio CDMX, Arquitectura y Diseño

Inédito, in its seventh edition, is an open call for utilitarian design projects never before published, disseminated or commercialized in the categories of: innovation, functionality, concept (critical design), user experience, materials and processes, aesthetics (art- collectible object or piece), artisan social impact, environmental impact and circular design.

The platform has three participation categories: limited edition, professional and student.

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Design House

Dates: October 6 - 31, 2021

Location: Av. de las Palmas 990, Lomas de Chapultepec, C.P. 11000, Miguel Hidalgo

A project in which a collaborative intervention of a house is carried out through the restoration and remodeling by professionals in architecture, interior design and landscaping. The spaces within Design House are divided to generate an exhibition of styles and trends, as well as a creative dialogue in each of the areas.

A lo largo de 13 años en distintos lugares de la Ciudad de México, se ha presentado el trabajo de más de 200 de los despachos más importantes de nuestro país.

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Dealers de Diseño

Dates: October 6 - 31, 2021

Location: Av. de las Palmas 990, Lomas de Chapultepec, C.P. 11000, Miguel Hidalgo

Para la edición 2021 de Design House, emprendemos una metodología distinta de selección de showrooms y marcas a través de la curaduría de un comité de profesionales y apasionados del diseño conscientes del efecto emocional de nuestro entorno en el ser.

Esta selección de marcas y showrooms nos ayudarán en la creación de refugios personales, flexibles a recibir distintas facetas de nuestras vidas y apoyo en términos de salud física y emocional.

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Visión y Tradición 2019

Visión y Tradición

Dates: 20 octubre ? 21 noviembre, 2021

Location: National Museum of Anthropology

Vision and Tradition is a residency program that promotes collaborative work between artisans and designers in a spirit of learning and mutual exchange. Since 2015, the residence has given life to pieces that synthesize the best of artisanal knowledge and tradition in conjunction with innovation and a vision of contemporary design. Vision and Tradition has had participation with artisans from the states of Chiapas, Jalisco, Puebla, Estado de México, Ciudad de México, Guerrero, Yucatán and Oaxaca.

This initiative reflects the relevance and contribution of design in solving current challenges - local and global - in the economy, culture and social construction, as well as the importance of the residence as a platform for intercultural development for all participants.

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Museo Nacional de Arte


Dates: 8 noviembre, 2021 – 20 febrero, 2022

Location: Museo Nacional de Arte

Since 2013, prominent national and international architects have been invited by DWM to create pavilions that manage to generate various critical-aesthetic questions about our present day. Today, the DW Pavilion has become a platform for experimental projects by some of the best architects in the world.

En esta edición, el Pabellón del Encuentro estará a cargo del despacho C Cúbica Arquitectos. En ediciones anteriores han participado los despachos: Tatiana Bilbao, Alejandro Castro, Fernanda Canales, Palomba Serafini, Müller+Hirsche y Materia, Gerardo Broissin y Lucila Aguilar.

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Torre del Reloj 2019

Ensamble Artesano

Dates: 15 octubre, 2021 – 20 febrero, 2022

Location: Por Confirmar

As every year, the Gallery of the Clock Tower presents during DWM a series of art, design or architecture exhibitions linked to creative production. In this edition, visitors will be able to see an exhibition by Ensamble Artesano, a collaborative platform made up of 36 allied organizations and projects whose meeting point is design, creative production, local, fair and responsible trade.

We believe that design is a bridge that can strengthen communities, find solutions and link innovation with social entrepreneurship.

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Diseño Contenido 2019

Diseño Contenido

Dates: 11 – 13 febrero, 2022

Location: Lincoln Park

Diseño Contenido is an ephemeral installation in the public space that invites you to live one of the most iconic parks in the city through a design experience.

On Julio Verne Street in Lincoln Park - a busy public recreational and commercial area in the Polanco neighborhood - 20 containers are displayed that function as temporary showrooms for a select sample of the work of contemporary Mexican designers, forming a busy urban fair.

Through this platform, brands leave their habitats to generate new environments and experiment with new ways of exposing their visions and products, as well as expanding the dissemination of their work.

Bringing together creative communities is one of the main objectives of this project, which is why for a weekend Design Content takes over the public space and takes design to the street to generate dialogues between designers and society.

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Design Market 2021 (Producto: Anatomía Sutil, Ila Cerámica)

Design Market

Tienda Online: designmarket.mx 

A space for Mexican design, Mexico Territorio Creativo / Design Week Mexico launch Design Market, an online commercial platform curated with the best of contemporary Mexican design in the categories of home accessories, furniture, lighting and kitchen.

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Editor's Notes

México Territorio Creativo

México Territorio Creativo (MXTC) is a Mexican non-governmental non-profit organization that brings together and promotes creative production through a local and international network. MXTC promotes the work of contemporary creators and their intersection with different disciplines between architects, designers, artists and craftsmen, celebrating all facets of the creative process.


FB: /mxterritoriocreativo
IG: @mxterritoriocreativo
PT: /mxtcmxtc

Design Week Mexico

Design Week Mexico is a platform that promotes and contributes to the local design scene. Each year, through its programming, DWM encourages analysis and reflection on local challenges with global relevance from a design perspective.


FB: /designweekmex
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Arch Days CDMX

Arch Days CDMX is a platform that seeks to promote architecture as a tool to create better spaces, communities and cities. The program includes exhibitions, conferences, pavilions and interventions in public spaces. Promoting the connections of design with architecture, promoting sustainability, education, culture and innovation.


FB: /archdayscdmx
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Design Market

A space for Mexican design, Mexico Territorio Creativo / Design Week Mexico launch Design Market, an online commercial platform curated with the best of contemporary Mexican design in the categories of home accessories, furniture, lighting and kitchen.

Tienda Online: https://designmarket.mx

Espacio CDMX

Espacio CDMX Arquitectura y Diseño, formerly the Taller del Trenecito de Chapultepec, is a space regenerated by MXTC in 2018 within the framework of World Design Capital (WDC) CDMX 2018. The building dates back to 1964 and is attributed to the architect Félix Candela for its architectural qualities.

As part of the process of physical and symbolic recovery of the space and its new vocation, exhibitions, conferences, workshops and activations have been presented, such as projects by students, designers, architects and cultural production groups around design.

FB: /espacio.cdmx.arq
IG: @espacio_cdmx


How will Covid-19 affect programming?

We have rethought our traditional agenda. Physical programs will meet strict guidelines and sanitary measures by the government of Mexico City. Operating in accordance with the trac light system coordinated by Mexico City’s Ministry of Health that dictates the health protection protocols to be followed in terms of capacity and sanitary measures. 

All programming will be subject to these guidelines and may undergo changes. We appreciate your understanding, we are trying to navigate these waters of uncertainty as best we can in the spirit of supporting our creative community.

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What can you see and do?

We have structured our programming into a hybrid version where you can visit some programs physically:

Design House


Visión y Tradición

You can also visit the exhibits virtually through a 360o tour of each program. In addition, we have a Design Market virtual store that will be available all year round and you can visit it at: https://designmarket.mx

Where can I consult the complete agenda?

On our website you will always find the most up-to-date information on each of the programs. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest information directly in your mailbox or follow us on social media.

Is access to the events free?

Our platforms are free and open to the public with the exception of Design House. On our website you can find details about the registration to attend each of them.

Will it be possible to visit virtually?

Yes! The physical programs will have 360o tours for you to visit online. You will find them on our page a few days after opening.

How can I support the initiative?

Become a member! In addition to supporting the project, you will receive unique benefits. Know more here.

I want to participate in this or future editions, what do I do?

Write to us at [email protected] with your name and information regarding your practice, work, studio or brand. Someone from our team will direct you to the right person.

I represent a company and I am interested in being a sponsor, what do I do?

Write to us at [email protected] with your name and interest. Someone from our team will direct you to the right person.

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