México Territorio Creativo presents the programming of Design Week Mexico 2020-21

The 12th edition of Design Week Mexico is announced from October 7 to 31, 2020.

The twelfth edition of Design Week Mexico (DWM), under the motto: Design is the answer, will take place from October 7 to 31 of the current year, with the activities of our traditional program and with new initiatives that adjust to the challenges we currently face due to Covid-19.

All our activities will meet the international and national guidelines, especially the guides on sanitary measures of the government of Mexico City in order to take care of the health of our participants, attendees and all those who make possible the various activities that make up the 2020-21 program. 

This edition, in which the United States of America and the State of Oaxaca de Juárez will participate as Country and State guests of honor, will have as a particularity the extension of some of its activities until the summer of 2021.

Through the Embassy of the United States of America in Mexico, eight scholarships will be awarded to young designers in the Inédito and Visión and Tradición programs, which will support the creation of pieces in these categories.

It is an honor for the United States to have been selected as the guest country of Design Week Mexico 2020-2021. This edition will bring together the main actors and professionals from the United States and Mexico stating that design can be an agent of positive and sustainable change in our societies. Mexican design has greatly influenced my country over the years and vice versa. Design is a fundamental expression of human creativity, and it is a great pleasure for me to participate in this event. I am grateful to the Mexico Territorio Creativo team for providing a platform through which American and Mexican talent can innovate and create new ideas that will design a better future for all?

Former US Ambassador in Mexico, Christopher Landau.

For the first time, DWM invites two international curators and collaborators, Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat. Co-founders of WantedDesign NY (2011) will be in charge of creating a bridge between designers and American and Mexican university students in various programs.

This year our main exhibitions (Visión and Tradición, Inédito, Design House, Ensamble Artesano) will have virtual tours that aim to offer an alternative for your enjoyment in the context we are going through. In turn, they will allow us to expand audiences nationally and internationally. 

Another novelty in the program is the exhibition of the pieces resulting from the "Ensamble Artesano" initiative. This initiative seeks to face the uncertainty triggered by the health contingency through collaboration, innovation and the celebration of artisan techniques that survive thanks to the communities that work them.

Design Week 2020-21 takes up the Utopia call, an initiative that invites architects, urban planners, designers and multidisciplinary creative teams to participate with proposals focused on improving the environment and quality of life in our cities. 

The pavilion Yoo (house in Zapotec), located on the esplanade of Espacio CDMX and designed with natural materials such as bamboo and henequen, it will be built through a collaborative process. The Design Week Pavilion proposes new alternatives to solve current challenges, combining technology and natural materials that will create a space that is incorporated into the landscape, providing harmony and balance in the urban environment. 

Finally, the activities that in this edition will be transformed into virtual platforms and that in this way will continue to support Mexican design, are Design Market and Ruta del Diseño. This year they can be visited at the following URL: https://market.designweekmexico.com/

All the activities of our program have been categorized into the following:

  • Socially Responsible Design
  • Utilitarian and Space Design
  • Architecture / Public Space
  • Design and Community

Socially Responsible Design

Visión y tradición

Noviembre, 2020
National Museum of Anthropology

Visión and Tradición is a residency program that promotes collaborative work between artisans and designers in a spirit of learning and mutual exchange. Since 2015, the residence has given life to pieces that synthesize the best of artisan knowledge and tradition in conjunction with innovation and the vision of contemporary design. This year we invited 19 creative projects based and / or collaborations in the state of Oaxaca.

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Ensamble Artesano

Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation, Taller Maya, México Territorio Creativo, Design Week Mexico and Caralarga joined forces to create a space for the exchange and collaboration of communities of artisans who preserve the heritage and cultural identity of our country, and who, at this moment, are severely affected by social isolation measures.

We believe that the context of uncertainty in which we are immersed must be faced with proposals that bet on collaboration, solidarity and a sustained network that guarantees access to fair income for those most vulnerable families and communities.

Canal Nacional

The Huey Acalli Aotli or Huey Apantli (so named during the pre-Hispanic period) is what is now known as the National Canal and is considered the most important waterway built in the history of Mexico City with 2000 years old. This linear space of more than 12 kilometers has been included in the 2020 list of the World Monuments Watch, whose mission is to identify sites with heritage value to provide technical and financial support that allow its preservation. This nomination is a recognition of the residents and civil associations that have worked for its conservation for years. The investment to be made is an opportunity for community work to persist, as well as to involve other actors in its revitalization and protection.

Utility and Space Design


cEspacio CDMX, Arquitectura y Diseño

Inédito, in its sixth edition, is an open call for utilitarian design projects in the categories of: social impact, environmental impact, innovation, function, aesthetics, concept, user experience, materials and processes. The platform includes three categories of participation: professional, student and digital. It is not only a contest or an exhibition, Inédito shows the opportunities for a national and international market of good design with commercial and production feasibility.

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Design House

October 9 - November 1, 2020
Público Coworking,
Prado Norte 225,
Lomas de Chapultepec

Design House is Público! Design House, a collective intervention project by professionals in architecture, landscaping, design and interior design, joins forces with Público Coworking to make a series of creative rooms within its newest headquarters in Lomas de Chapultepec. We will have more than 40 spaces where architects, designers, landscapers and design and interior design brands will participate, offering everything for sale in order to promote commerce and the local economy of our creative industries that have been so affected by the reality of Covid- 19.

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Architecture / Public Space


October 9, 2020 - December 1, 2020
Espacio CDMX, Architecture & Design

Since 2013 and uninterruptedly, prominent national and international architects have been invited by DWM to create pavilions that manage to generate various critical-aesthetic questions about our present time. Today, Pabellón Design Week has become a platform for experimental projects by some of the best architects in the world. For the 2020 edition, DWM invites the architect Lucila Aguilar who creates the Yoo pavilion (house in Zapotec) inspired by the spirit of nature. It will be built with natural materials in a collaborative process that will allow the space created to be reused.

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Utopia 2nd Biennial

1 noviembre – 31 diciembre, 2020

Utopia is an exhibition that invites architects, urban planners, designers and multidisciplinary creative teams to participate with proposals focused on improving the environment and quality of life in our capital. Participation in this exhibit is by both open call for projects and by direct invitation from the curatorial committee.

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Estructuras Efímeras

October 9, 2020 - December 1, 2020
Espacio CDMX, Architecture & Design

Every year DWM holds a university call inviting architecture and design students to participate with their university in the development of a temporary pavilion to be placed in public spaces in the city. This year we will collaborate with XX universities to create open-air walkable spaces in the Second Section of the Chapultepec Forest.

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Ruta del Diseño

October 8-31, 2020

Ruta del Diseño is a platform that brings together design and interior design showrooms to create an intersection point between design, marketing and collaboration in order to promote economic and creative development. Due to the health challenges imposed by COVID-19, we invite our attendees to take the virtual tour through our digital guide. 

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Design Market

October 8, 2020 - December 20, 2020

Design Market aims to support and encourage creative entrepreneurs by offering a space where they can exhibit and market their products, also fostering the moment to create collaborative networks among our community. Design Market participants market their products cataloged in furniture, home accessories, lighting, finishes, lifestyle and jewelry, among others. 

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Due to the health challenges imposed by COVID-19, we migrated the virtual e-commerce platform dedicated to our participants with the aim of giving them visibility in front of our entire digital audience! 

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Editor's notes

México Territorio Creativo

México Territorio Creativo (MXTC) is a Mexican non-governmental non-profit organization that brings together and promotes creative production through a local and international network. MXTC promotes the work of contemporary creators and their intersection with different disciplines between architects, designers, artists and craftsmen, celebrating all facets of the creative process.


FB: /mxterritoriocreativo
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Design Week Mexico

Design Week Mexico is a platform that promotes and contributes to the local design scene. Each year, through its programming, it encourages analysis and reflection on local challenges with global relevance from a design perspective.


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Arch Days CDMX

Arch Days CDMX is a platform that seeks to promote architecture and its role in creating better spaces, communities and cities are generated through it. The program includes exhibitions, conferences, pavilions and interventions in public space. Boosting design connections with architecture, promoting sustainability, education, culture and innovation.


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Espacio CDMX

Espacio CDMX Arquitectura y Diseño, formerly the Taller del Trenecito de Chapultepec, is a space regenerated by MXTC in 2018 within the framework of World Design Capital (WDC) CDMX 2018. The building dates from 1964 and is attributed to the architect Félix Candela for its qualities architectural.

As part of the process of physical and symbolic recovery of the place and its new vocation, exhibitions, conferences, workshops and activations have been presented, such as projects by students, designers, architects and cultural production groups around design to generate a very specific content proposal. for visitors.

FB: /espacio.cdmx.arq
IG: @espacio_cdmx


In May 2011, Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat met and decided to join forces to launch a satellite event in conjunction with the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), initiating a movement within the New York design community to build a real design week in New York. WantedDesign, now with two fairs in May, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, and with a permanent design store in Brooklyn, is a year-long international creative platform that brings together the global design community to showcase, discuss and share exciting, inspiring and innovative projects and designers. In October 2019, WantedDesign Manhattan was acquired by Emerald Expo. The Manhattan fair will co-locate with the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) at the Javits Center for its next editions.


FB: /WantedDesignNYC
IG: @WantedDesign

Público Coworking

PÚBLICO, espacios para crear. 

We seek to improve the quality and life experience of each of the creative minds that belong to our community. We have a proposal of functional office spaces designed to meet different needs, such as: professional photography studio, meeting rooms that adapt to all types of equipment, terraces with unique views of the city, courtyards for conferences and workshops, among others. Every detail is thought of you, to generate an experience that enriches your work life.


IG: @publi.co
FB: /PUBLICOtrabajo


How will Covid-19 affect programming?

We have rethought our traditional agenda. Those programs that will be face-to-face will meet strict guidelines and sanitary measures of the government of Mexico City. It will operate in accordance with the traffic light system coordinated by the CDMX Ministry of Health that dictates the health protection protocols to be followed in terms of capacity and the sanitary measures dictated by said protocols will be followed to the letter. 

Some of our programs will be transformed into virtual platforms for your enjoyment, while other activities will last until the summer of 2021.

All programming will be subject to these guidelines and may undergo changes in the event of regrowth. We appreciate your understanding, we are trying to navigate these waters of uncertainty as best we can in the spirit of supporting our creative community.

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What can you see and do?

We have structured our programming to a hybrid version where you can visit some programs physically:

Design House
Visión y Tradición

You can also visit the exhibitions virtually through a 360º survey of each one of them. Ruta del Diseño will have a digital guide and the Content Design and Expo DW platforms migrate to an online shopping experience in the new Design Market.

Where can I consult the complete agenda?

In our page you will always find the most up-to-date information on each of the programs. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive the most recent information directly in your mailbox or follow us on social networks.

Is access to the events free?

Our platforms are free and open to the public with the exception of Design House. In our page you can find details about the registration to attend each of them.

Will it be possible to visit virtually?

Yes! The physical programs will have a 360º survey so you can visit online. You will find them on our page a few days after opening.

How can I support the initiative?

Become a member! In addition to supporting the project, you will receive unique benefits. Learn more here.

I want to participate in this or future editions, what do I do?

Write to us at [email protected] with your name and information about you, your project, studio or brand. Someone from our team will respond and put you in touch with the right person.

I represent a company and I am interested in being a sponsor, what do I do?

Write to us at [email protected] with your name and details of your interest and someone from our team will answer you and put you in contact with the right person.

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Paola Galván
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