Inédito USA 2020

We are very excited that Design Week Mexico has selected the United States as a Guest Country 2020-2021. It is a great honor to be guest curators. Since we met in 2014, along with Emilio Cabrero, Andrea Cesarman, Marco Coello and Jaime Hernández, we have been passionate about Mexican design and creativity. We are mutually committed to building bridges and friendships between the creative communities of Mexico and the United States. Developing collaborations and fostering creative exchanges between both countries.

The program Inédito is one of the most exciting parts of Design Week Mexico, as it focuses on the emerging scene of Mexican design. It is the best platform to discover innovative and carefully crafted products.

The creation of beautiful objects with original materials and techniques is deeply ingrained in Mexican culture. In many ways, the resurgence of the young-educated movement for designers, creators, entrepreneurs in the United States bears many similarities to the way Mexican studios operate. They explore materials, product typology, create small collections and work mainly on commission or commissioned projects.

Odile Hainaut & Claire Pijoulat, co-founders WantedDesign

Proyectos 2020

Para la edición de Inédito 2020, invitamos diseñadores que formaron parte de WantedDesign Launch Pad, Look Book o American Design Honors, que tienen un lenguaje y un proceso de diseño sólido para representar a Estados Unidos. Los seis estudios con sede en Brooklyn, Detroit, Nashville y Chicago traducen esta noción de “artesanía moderna”. Esperamos que encuentren eco en México y creen una rica conversación entre los dos países.

Turbulence (Turbulencia)

Cody Norman 

With collaboration with Protopasta (Bioplastic 3D Printing material), Next:Space Detroit, Ballard International, Amy Rae Mathis for the photos.

“Turbulence” is a series of vessels, robotically 3D printed in bioplastic. The title refers to the turbulent process of bringing something from the digital world into the physical. In this series, the typically undesirable 3D printing artifacts, such as inconsistent extrusion and shifted layers, become the highlights of the piece.

By nature, it seems the process of 3D printing gives you exactly what you want, how you want it. Every detail and surface is programmed. Indeed, the robot can be “controlled” by programming, but more often than not, the program does not reflect the reality of the object as the process unfolds.

Instead of forcing the machine to bend to the will of the designer and create an object exactly as it was imagined, this process of 3D extrusion is based on a relationship and conversation with the robot and its process. Unexpected variables create opportunities for imprecision and spontaneity not readily attributed to robotic fabrication.

These variables form the vessel, building offset layers with steep overhangs that cause the plastic to droop. The layers compensate for the sagging caused by gravity and eventually find equilibrium. These details would be difficult or impossible to accomplish through another process.

E: [email protected]
T: +1(231)578-1877
IG: @gcody3d

Vigil (Vigilia)

Laylo Studio

Made with domestic captivity in mind, VIGIL harnesses both uncertainty and grief into a ritual capable of providing comfort and connection. The symbolic act of lighting a candle in solidarity affords a sense of community even in isolation. As an object imbued with ritual, VIGIL invites shared connection and stands as a reminder for new growth and possibility around the beginnings of shared humanity- the flame. Hand woven in reed, VIGIL is composed from a single twisted plane that simultaneously suggests a recognizable vessel as well as the botanical shoots from which its material is sourced.

E: [email protected]
T: +1(540)894-3936
IG: @laylostudio 


Recess Table (Mesa de recreo)

Nina Cho

In designing this table, my aim was to create a sense of unity between the table’s elements, with the form of table top relating to its legs. This aspect distinguishes my design from a conventional table, which visually separates these elements. The circular recess within the table top and the hollow of the tubular leg are gestured from receiving other smaller objects. These negative spaces within the table gives users the freedom to personalize the table. They may be filled creatively, as storage, or left empty. To assemble, one simply places the tabletop upon the cylindrical legs, joining their complimenting geometries. With no further implementation, the table’s structure is secured.

E: [email protected]
IG: @studio_ninacho


Stash Collection (Colección Stash)

Sam Friedlander

The Stash Collection is inspired by traditional hinged schoolhouse desks. It translates and modernizes the concept into a playful, novel apartment collection. Transform your home into a cozy, minimalist haven with the help of hidden storage, concealed under table tops and seats built with invisible hinges. Each piece is designed to be enjoyed and nurtured as a functional character in any urban household. The pieces are built with solid wood construction and integrated joinery to ensure a lifetime of active usage. The collection will use domestically sourced hardwoods and U.S. production to lower embodied energy.

E: [email protected]
T: +1(206)795-4224
IG: @friedlander.furniture


Light Lights | Stay (Luces ligeras | Quédate)

Sunny Kim

I am fascinated with giving volume to flat surfaces with light. I usually fold a piece of paper for my pieces and fix a part to achieve the figure. However, this time, I left it as the material itself. It just stays as it is. Normally, people can touch the piece and see the reflection of their action in the material. With their interaction they can see different shapes or colors, as if they were interacting with a living being. That is very unusual for my pieces as they tend to be brittle as a layer of paper, but this time I used a flexible film made of urethane which can easily change shape and people can enjoy it while it happens. That's why I named the piece "Light Lights, Stay there as you are, for me"

E: [email protected] 
IG: @studio.sunnykim


Knot Furniture (Muebles nudo)

Theo Ferrin

We believe that products are materials given a second life.

Smart Design: We only work with curated designers that have a profound knowledge of where they live and always make a point to be inspired by their environment — to bring alternative solutions to the design world.

Flat Pack Shipping: Just a few pieces packed flat in only one box, so it’s easy to transport anywhere, at any time. 

Tool-Less: We made it easy to assemble, when needed, by giving up on tools. Every part clips together and a simple knot blocks it all.

Locally made: We help the designer to find the best maker and supplier of their region to build a product with materials locally sourced. Each product is a journey and a story to itself.

Collaborations: Region to region, we do our best to connect creatives and makers that can enrich one another’s trade and emphasize the craftsman’s skills, which seems to be often forgotten in the designers shadow.

Sustainability: As the world continues to become more and more globalized, we want to encourage and solidify small and local economies that can be challenged by a design philosophy.

Knot Couch (Sofá Nudo)

The Knot Couch is composed of 12 pieces that are painlessly assembled, without tools or fas- teners, by using mesh joinery. Modeled after toy airplanes, the final piece (the backrest) locks everything together from the top, and is angled for maximum comfort and posture. With a seat length of 80 inches (6’8”) and a depth of 27 (2’3”) even your biggest friends will be able to spend the night in style and comfort. Through knot couch’s brutalist form and sharp lines, the architecture of design is on display from every angle.

Knot Throne (Trono Nudo)

The Knot Throne is made out of 2 inch thick Baltic Birch Plywood (36 Ply), Ash Dowels, and heavy 15oz Duck Canvas. Each dowel has an anchor bolt and threaded insert for easy assembly. The Duck seat and back rest optimize comfort for all shapes and sizes. The Knot Throne has a seat depth of 16 inches (1’4”), seat height of 19 inches (1’7”), and a total height of 31 inches(2’7”). You can cut at least 4 chairs out of a single sheet of plywood, and with it’s rounded edges and the food safe urethane finish the Knot Throne is perfect for families and smal children.

E: [email protected]
T: +1(567)343-7067?
IG: @knot.furniture


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